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Image2The Push Stars formed back in 1996 in Cambridge Massachusetts. The band members include Chris Trapper; singer and song writer, Dan McLoughlin, vocals; bass and piano, and Ryan MacMillan; vocals and drums.

The band first ever concert was in a small stage in the Middle East Bakery in Cambridge Massachusetts with an audience of only seven people. But this was the beginning of a journey that would see them touring thousands of miles all over North America, playing melodies that are infectious and winning the hearts of many in not only Boston, but also all over the world.

Push stars have become a household name gaining popularity every time they all on stage or on radio waves winning numerous awards and accreditations. In 1997 they were young and energetic and considered to be the next big thing in pop bands; and the next big thing they turned out to be! They released the first album “Meet Me at the Fair” and were signed by Capitol Records for a two album deal in 1999. Their second album “After the Party” was released and took the music industry by storm. The second album was so big that the New York Times approved their sound as an all-time “Classic Pop Perfection”.

They have gained a passionate and loyal fan base all over the world after relentless touring and radio play. The band has won numerous awards including being named the “Outstanding Rock Band” by the Boston Music Awards. Many can relate with their songs, they are about real people coping with real life problems and challenges. The song writer, Chris Trapper, has a deep understanding of classic pop sounds making every song he writes and played by the band organic and infectious. This has made him to be recognized and awarded “Outstanding song and song writer Award” at one time.

Trapper is the brains behind the band. He started a band called “Awake” while in college in Fredonia New York. Though the band eventually broke up, their song Awake and Dreaming was ell-acclaimed in New York. One of the devout fans was McLoughlin, who would later meet with trapper and MacMillan in studio and record their first demo song together. After their first recording, they felt a connection and something magical and knew they had the right chemistry to form a perfect rock band. They agreed to come together and form a band, and The Push Stars was born with the perfectly balanced trio classic pop stars.

They have since left Capitol Records after the man who signed the band, Gary Gersh, ceased to be the President of the Capitol. They self released their third album, “Opening Time” in 2001 which was well received by their fans making the album yet another successes and the most popular album.

In 2003, the band was invited by Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty, to join them on their fall tour. They took the opportunity to win the hearts of more fans all over North America as they worked on their fourth album. The fourth album “Paint the Town” was release on 2004, and once again, the album was nothing short of a success with fans singing along everywhere they performed.

They have expanded their fan base, playing upbeat songs and sound tracks for movies and TV shows like, “There is Something About Mary”-for the comedy soundtrack “Everything shines”-, ER, Malcolm in the Middle, Me Myself and Irene among others.

Although the band is currently on hold, with Trapper working on his solo career and MacMillan in Matchbox Twenty, the hope is that the inspiration that kept them going will bring them back together again!

The Best Sound System For Push Stars Music


The answer to the question “what sound system is the best for Push Stars music?” is an easy one. It is whatever system you are using to listen to them right now, of course! But beyond that, there are some things to look for in your audio system that will bring out the best in the music. Alternative rock doesn’t need a ton of thumping bass, so there is no need to go overboard on the subwoofers. Good bass response is a plus, of course, but too much overpowering bass will make the mix sound muddy. It’s best to dial that back a bit.

Most people listen to music on the go in their cars, but they also listen in their boats and other vehicles. A quality stereo system in your vehicle is a must to appreciate the Push Stars’ music the way it should be!

Film & TV Music


If you’re a movie buff, you’ve probably heard The Push Stars feature in one of your favorite films. From “There’s Something About Mary” to “The Devil Wears Prada”, the group have had several of their tracks feature on the big screen. And while the group – who originate from Cambridge, Massachusetts – haven’t released any new material in over ten years, their music lives on in these Hollywood movies. Here’s a review of The Push Stars’ work in film and TV soundtracks.

The group first appeared on the silver screen in the 1998 comedy “There’s Something About Mary”, starring Jim Carey and Cameron Diaz. After years of touring around the country, The Push Stars garnered a loyal fan following – including two very influential fans. The Farrelly Brothers chose one of the group’s upbeat songs to feature in the comedy, opting for ‘Everything Shines’. “There’s Something About Mary” went onto gross millions of dollars at the US box office. Music supervisors took notice of the band, and soon their music was appearing in other big movies and TV shows.

Their first foray into film spurred The Push Stars to feature more of their music in Hollywood, with ‘I’m A Fool (And That’s Okay)’ appearing in the 1998 movie “Origin of the Species”. It was around this time that the group released their second recording – the EP “Tonight” – which followed the release of their debut album Meet Me At The Fair in 1996.

After taking a couple of years off from the movie soundtrack circuit, The Push Stars appeared again in the year 2000 – this time in the movie “Gun Shy”. The song ‘Drunk Is Better Than Dead’ features in the thriller, which stars Liam Neeson and Sandra Bullock. A year later, the group released “Opening Time” on Co-Op Pop records – a set which features their trademark sound of bright pop rock with strong melodies and lyrics. And whilst “Opening Time” didn’t become a box office smash, the group’s music was heard by a larger audience in the 2000 movie “Me, Myself & Irene”. The comedy movie features the track ‘Bad Sneakers’.

Just a year later, and The Push Stars’ music could be found on the big screen again. The track ‘Melt Away’ features on the soundtrack of “Say It Isn’t So”, a comedy film starring Heather Graham. The track ‘Miracle’ was also featured in the 2004 movie “Home Of Phobia”, a romantic college-based comedy drama. The Push Stars made their final (to date) appearance on the big screen in the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”, which stars Meryl Streep. The film follows a college graduate who has big dreams of working in the fashion world, and lands a job as an assistant to a powerful magazine editor. The soundtrack also features tracks from U2, Madonna, and Moby.

As well as appearing in all of these movies, The Push Stars have also had their music be played in hit TV shows too, such as the NBC medical drama series “ER” and the FOX comedy “Malcolm in the Middle”. The Push Stars are currently on hiatus as frontman Chris Trapper concentrates on his solo career, and Ryan MacMillan continues to play drums with Matchbox Twenty. Fans are eager to hear new material from the band, which might end up featuring in future movies and TV shows.

Paint The Town

paintthetownEven if you aren’t a fan, there’s a good chance you’ve probably heard The Push Stars without realizing. The band – who hail from Cambridge, Massachusetts – have featured on TV shows and movies like “Something About Mary”. You might have even heard them at a restaurant or in a book store. “Paint The Town” was released in 2004, and still sounds as fresh as it did a decade ago. It follows three previous studio albums (and an EP), and continues the group’s penchant for creating catchy pop rock that is hard to pin down to any particular genre. Here you’ll find well-written songs that are almost timeless in nature, with vocals from the highly talented Chris Trapper, as well as drums from Ryan MacMillan. Here is a review of The Push Stars’ album “Paint The Town”.

If you’ve listened to the band’s debut “Meet Me At The Fair” (available on the Imago label), or “After The Party” (released on Capitol records), you’ll already be familiar with the group’s style. The opening track ‘Claire’ is a great way to kick-start the set, and combined with ‘Outside Of A Dream’, these tracks sets the precedent for what’s to follow.

Listening to “Paint The Town”, it begs the question as to why the group haven’t seen bigger success over the last decade. The finely crafted pop rock songs contain strong melodies and vocals, and there’s plenty on the album to get excited about. There’s almost a jubilant quality to most of the tracks here, as the bouncy rock and roll beats evoke the early days of the genre when melodies were strong and lyrics carefree. But that’s not to say there’s no soul on “Paint The Town”. In fact, it’s the contrary. The album mixes positive energy but remains substantial, with tracks like ‘Dream Came Down’ and ‘Lucky Sevens’ having a solid quality with lyrics that will really resonate with listeners.

If you’re looking for something that encapsulates the lighter side of pop rock, “Paint The Town” is an album that can be enjoyed in one listen. Plenty of the songs will make you smile, with optimistic and cheery lyrics. Some might argue that Chris Trapper’s songs are too simple. However, on further listens, you’ll discover a real depth there – something you don’t always associate with the bright and breezy nature of pop rock. “Paint The Town” is cohesive, with each song flowing well into the next. It’s almost as if the songs have been designed for a live stage show, with many of the lyrics easy enough to remember and sing along to. After all, playing live is what The Push Stars do best, with the group developing a loyal following on the live circuit in Boston at the beginning of their careers.

The Push Stars have yet to release any new material since this album was released, and the band are on an official hiatus as frontman Trapper concentrates on his solo career, and MacMillan plays drums with Matchbox Twenty. Who knows if the group are to reform anytime soon, but in the meantime enjoy “Paint The Town” as if it was the group’s swansong.

Everything Shines

Check out this awesome live performance of ‘Everything Shines”